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File: 1540428394419.gif–(2.83MB, 1120x891, gif krishna.gif)
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Rasta Rappers find peace in watching live feeds

File: 1537772093862.jpg–(419.79KB, 1600x1200, rivka_kopelman.jpg)
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File: 1536213585109.jpg–(37.28KB, 985x215, masscan.jpg)
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File: 1533144167605.jpg–(1.27MB, 1242x1816, 229C4544-C07D-43D1-BF47-814F492984FB.jpeg)
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¨ No.11
Research has found that seven-out-of-10 people also feel they are losing touch with nature.


@stephennachtigall posting for peripheralforms.

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1533607013038.jpg–(137.26KB, 1044x629, nature.jpg)

File: 1535520308591.jpg–(2.72MB, 2186x3230, A6100E79-14E3-47D6-94B2-3BFDDCDF93A0.jpeg)
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Yes I would like to please participate in this will find the email and pay pal the funds by this Friday. I’m wanting to share some original mixed media collage imagery. I made this piece For the Muses in 2016 while taking paratheatrical research lab training at performance works northwest with Antero and Sylvia Ali. It was my visual application for the PNCA masters program in critical theory and creative research, to which I was accepted when suddenly the program was suspended by new leadership. The cohort and faculty were determined to continue studying together and met at Caldera, then resumed weekly seminars at The Attic on Hawthorne as the inaugural beta testing cohort of the Oregon institute for creative research OICR. Lost the muses for surrendering For The Muses to some move or another in this transient transformational year. But I have a photo from the day it was made. Here it is. Google eyes. Images from an art history calendar book forgot to reference exactly bad scholar fun artist.
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1535704490204.jpg–(21.63KB, 165x355, 6DA29AFC-6097-4C28-9DD6-8EDAAD9BA8E3.jpeg)

File: 1533102606882.jpg–(200.34KB, 1572x877, tabitarezaire.jpg)
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¨ No.4
1533103116007.jpg–(133.38KB, 1132x754, submarinefiber.jpg)

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Tabita Rezaire (b.1989, Paris) is infinity incarnated in this lifetime as a French - of Guyanese and Danish descent - agent of healing. She uses arts and sciences as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Tabita's work is cross dimentional and aim at reaching the soul. Navigating architectures of power - mental, online and offline - her work tackles the pervasive matrix of coloniality, the protocol of energetic misalignment and their affects on our body-mind-spirits. She is particularly interested in the time-spaces where technology and spirituality intersect.

Through screen interfaces, her digital healing activism offers substitute readings to dominant narratives decentering occidental authority, while her energy streams remind us to (re)connect and nurture our soul.

She is in based Cayenne, French Guyana, with part of her heart in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has a Bachelor in Economics (Paris) and a Master in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins College (London).
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1533103283822.jpg–(418.67KB, 1575x1033, malaxa.jpg)

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1535099910256.png–(1.23MB, 1280x800, CD753E13-1586-415A-B1AB-F0419AF36B50.png)

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File: 1533619452393.jpg–(113.94KB, 538x541, 24941782-C5A5-4176-8007-98BA2F4478E3.jpeg)
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1533619874172.jpg–(1.04MB, 3024x4032, 07E37B5C-2E77-4E5A-ADC1-130F28D5FD3C.jpeg)

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1533620088607.jpg–(291.47KB, 1026x1660, 16EF1533-C43F-4B5B-AB11-491319CA0A67.jpeg)

File: 1533606867907.jpg–(280.18KB, 1000x792, archive.jpg)
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¨ No.17
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1533607306663.jpg–(251.75KB, 1041x829, rebrand.jpg)

File: 1533392316316.jpg–(2.68MB, 2048x1450, 837E2F7E-EB53-4CE0-A082-7C393E3DF7AD.jpeg)
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The Trump administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday to vacate a 2016 appeals court ruling that had upheld Obama era β€œnet neutrality” rules that barred internet service providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing content.

The request was made even though the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to toss out the 2015 rules late last year, rendering the fight over their legality moot.

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maybe this is what fb collaboration with the FBI looks like?

File: 1533101024919.jpg–(119.59KB, 1200x675, meow.jpg)
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1533102776581.gif–(270.57KB, 550x345, nointernet.gif)
#cyborgs is still around:
¨ No.8
Which one's the dog? Which one's the toy?–(YouTube)
sweet cat sleep with sheeps but dog it they sent it a dog,,,
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1533156935336.jpg–(321.90KB, 1465x899, catdog.jpg)
potent fusions.

File: 1533155781535.jpg–(14.35KB, 775x391, 2013google.jpg)
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OPEN CALL for your Sleep Videos
The 4th edition of Stadtwerkstatt's 48-hour nonstop program brings together artists and critical producers to address an aesthetics of the unconscious. Art for Sleepers, Art by Sleepers and Art as Sleep.
We don’t only face sleep on a physiological level. It is a phenomenon that’s deeply connected to our history and our culture. Sleep has taken various forms in terms of light, work, sex, morality, sound, body and human understanding. But sleep is also a physiological phenomenon. It refers to various abilities and aspects of the body, which are expressed in rhythms, hormones, fluctuations in electrical activity, changes in the activity of organs and body systems, among other things.
We want your sleep!
This is an open call on sending us your own sleep videos. A selection of these videos will be presented at STWST48x4 SLEEP as projections. Format, style and length are freely selectable. As an inspiration there’s a link to Andy Warhol’s iconic β€œSLEEP” from 1964.
Submission procedure
Video and a short biography latest by 31st of August
as download link to jan@stwst.at
or via mail to:
Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz, AUSTRIA

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