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File: 1533102606882.jpg–(200.34KB, 1572x877, tabitarezaire.jpg)
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Tabita Rezaire (b.1989, Paris) is infinity incarnated in this lifetime as a French - of Guyanese and Danish descent - agent of healing. She uses arts and sciences as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Tabita's work is cross dimentional and aim at reaching the soul. Navigating architectures of power - mental, online and offline - her work tackles the pervasive matrix of coloniality, the protocol of energetic misalignment and their affects on our body-mind-spirits. She is particularly interested in the time-spaces where technology and spirituality intersect.

Through screen interfaces, her digital healing activism offers substitute readings to dominant narratives decentering occidental authority, while her energy streams remind us to (re)connect and nurture our soul.

She is in based Cayenne, French Guyana, with part of her heart in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has a Bachelor in Economics (Paris) and a Master in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins College (London).
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