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File: 1535520308591.jpg–(2.72MB, 2186x3230, A6100E79-14E3-47D6-94B2-3BFDDCDF93A0.jpeg)
Yes I would like to please participate in this will find the email and pay pal the funds by this Friday. Iā€™m wanting to share some original mixed media collage imagery. I made this piece For the Muses in 2016 while taking paratheatrical research lab training at performance works northwest with Antero and Sylvia Ali. It was my visual application for the PNCA masters program in critical theory and creative research, to which I was accepted when suddenly the program was suspended by new leadership. The cohort and faculty were determined to continue studying together and met at Caldera, then resumed weekly seminars at The Attic on Hawthorne as the inaugural beta testing cohort of the Oregon institute for creative research OICR. Lost the muses for surrendering For The Muses to some move or another in this transient transformational year. But I have a photo from the day it was made. Here it is. Google eyes. Images from an art history calendar book forgot to reference exactly bad scholar fun artist.
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1535704490204.jpg–(21.63KB, 165x355, 6DA29AFC-6097-4C28-9DD6-8EDAAD9BA8E3.jpeg)

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